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A selection of plants we offer in our "Plus" section. These are unique lacecaps that come from all over the world and offer your garden color, evergreen, texture and outstanding flowers.

Zone hardiness to USDA zone 7 to 9 except for Japonica Coerulea which we have found hardy to Zone 5b.
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Dichroa Febrifuga Dichroa Febrifuga

Hydrangea-like foliage that stays green all year long

Our Price: $46.95
Fabric Plant Grow Bag Fabric Plant Grow Bag

Fabric Pots for plants combine the ease of use of a traditional nursery pot with the benefit of a breathable container.
2 gallon size

Our Price: $2.75
Hydrangea Angustipetala Hydrangea Angustipetala

Fragrant hydrangea cousin

Our Price: $46.95
Hydrangea Fairytrail Bride® Hydrangea Fairytrail BrideĀ®

The first Cascading hydrangea

Our Price: $50.00
Hydrangea Involucrata Kaitlyn Hydrangea Involucrata Kaitlyn

Beautiful plant named for a beautiful girl

Our Price: $46.95
Hydrangea Involucrata Tama Azisai Hydrangea Involucrata Tama Azisai

So unique this ancient variety is legendary

Our Price: $46.95
Hydrangea Japonica Coerulea Hydrangea Japonica Coerulea

Save a special spot for this perfect lacecap

Our Price: $46.95
Hydrangea Summer Frost (PP 17654) Hydrangea Summer Frost (PP 17654)

Such unique foliage!

Our Price: $46.95
Platycrater Arguta Platycrater Arguta

Tea of Heaven

Our Price: $46.95